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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Apr 01, 2013


Too bad your dog didnt ite his ankles.

Lift the leg, Rupert, lift the leg!!!

How many dogs has this man actually trained? Very, very few, I'd guess, if any at all. His books are nonsense.

Hilarious and sad all at the same time! Stanley Coren needs to shut his clap trap. The media calls him often and the damage he is doing by feeding the media false statements is unforgivable. For someone who makes his living from dogs he sure is doing them a dis-service by opening his pie hole!

Stanley either needs to brush up on his "data" or shut the hell up!

The "nanny dog" comment cracked me up. Thanks for that Stanley, I sure needed a chuckle to calm my anger toward you.

Oh by the way, his topic for speaking at the show was "The Invisible Leash". I think he must have injected the "nanny dog" statement in after being tuned in.

He couldn't even get that right!

I bet very few "challenge" his "knowledge". ROFL

It's hard for some of these "professionals" when they actually run into people that KNOW their stuff. In this case though, I still can't bring myself to feel sorry for him. :-)

I do believe they were actually referred to as "nanny dogs" due to them being so great with children. It's clear from this article which I tend to believe that he is a complete idiot. Sounds to me like he doesn't like the breed for his own personal reasons and is on a mission to sway people to his point of view thru lying and a smear campaign.

really, just

the stoopid.. it burns......

"Pit bulls" were never referred to as nanny dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terriers were once referred to as nanny dogs, very specifically.

He also apparently also doesn't know about the AADR, BFKC, SDR, APBA and we might as well throw in the APBR (although a bunk registry) and the ABKC as well as those dogs would be classed as pit bulls by the general public. Shut his pie hole is about it.....

Ooops! That's alot of "also"'s! Typing from my phone here! lol

to clarify Greta's comment about "nanny dog"... This term has only shown up in reference to the APBT in the last few years, and no one I've challenged can provide ANY earlier source. It's bogus, anyway... "nanny" was never a common term in the USA anyway until maybe the 1970's... and certainly not by the people who mostly owned pit bulls, who were working class, based on the photos we see.

I asked a list full of English SBT fanciers where the term came from.. no one really knew. The best anyone could come up with is a vague memory that some breeder once used it in an advertisement. It is true, though, that the APBT, even in its early years was touted as an allaround family dog good with children.. I've seen ads to that effect.

But I completely agree with "Caveat" that repeating positive nonsense is not really any better than spewing garbage...

Perhaps he should have talked to Victoria Stilwell who was in the booth directly behind him. In her late afternoon talk she made it quite clear that Breed Bans are not the answer and that it's irresponsible owners of ANY Breed that are the problem.

Selma, you’re a bit of a bully! Kidding! I love it! Coren is an idiot to say the least. He has been flying through life by the seat of his pants and the BS in them for years. I have been loving the APBT breed for over 40 years. Longer than most in Ontari-scario have even known the breed. I ran into Coren more years ago than I would like to admit. At that time he was spouting his so called intellectual banter about the PSI of various breeds including that of my highly trained GSD. How dogs have better hearing and smell than humans...etc. Duh, yep I think we got that figured out Stanley. Come to think of it, he had the same outfit on then! His books are garbage and most of his knowlege comes from other sources not hands on work, you are right about that Dianne! It is hard to feel sorry for someone that has made a living all these years off of the animals he spends so much time bad mouthing. He is not a fan of most larger breeds, likely because he is afraid of them. Sadly, there are many more out there like him. Too bad there isn't a ban on morons like Coren...

Coren is a "scientist" and I am a Nubian Princess.

Also, border collies SMART, sighthounds STOOPID because SCIENCE. I dismissed anything this blowhard had to say years ago when I read that claptrap. This turns out to have been the right decision.

Naturally, if the number of "pitbulls" is to be determined based on AKC and UKC registration numbers, then the only dogs that that can be classed as "pitbulls" -- whether the dog has won an obedience championship, rescued kittens from a burning building, or eaten babies -- are dogs whose registration papers can be presented.

Which, Imma gonna guess (SCIENCE!), is exactly 0% of the dogs involved in fatal attacks.

OTOH, walk through a neighborhood where there has been a fatal attack. It will *most likely* be not just poor, but structurally impoverished. There will be all kinds of risk factors apparent for violent and premature death of various sorts. And the dogs you will see will be strong, intimidating animals that are easy to get locally, cheap to buy, cheap to feed. Some number of them will be neglected physically, and some larger number will have had their training and socialization badly neglected.

A few of them will be chows/chow crosses (especially in colder places), a few will be the mongrel descendants of the once pyramid-scheme-fodder shar pei, a few will be German shepherd types (in the 70's that would have been most of them) -- and the overwhelming bulk of them will be pit bull types, or types that look like pit bulls crossed with other things, Labs or Rottweilers often enough.

Probably 80% of the "man's dogs" and "yard dogs" in any rough, impoverished urban neighborhood. And common enough in the countryside, too, though more poor rural dwellers keep hounds than you will find in the city.

The "pit bull" is the default dog in the places where premature death to causes that more affluent people hardly think of is tragically frequent.

Right on the money, as usual, Heather.

What do you think of Coren's new assertion in his "rebuttal" blog that "pit bulls" make up less than 1% of the dog population in Philadelphia? Don't bother answering, it's a semi-rhetorical question.

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