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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Sep 15, 2012


So-called "journalists" and public officials ARE idiots if they fall for this fear-mongering crapola.
Didn't Kory get his hands severely slapped for using Denver letterhead and taxpayer time for his own purposes? Wonder if his shabby little group of yoohoos is still prowling?

Oh I imagine they are. I suspect the dogsbite website is one of his little projects but don't know if anybody has been able to prove that yet.

Selma, thanks for the link and I think you actually bring up an interesting point.

If I'm a journalist, and I want to do a story on breed bans, I need to find sources -- one on each side. And then becomes the problem.

On the "BSL is a bad idea" front, there are no shortage of options - -so journalist just calls their local shelter, gets a quote about what a dumb idea it is, and then looks for his "pro ban" source.

Because he can't find one locally, and because there are only about 4 nationally, he ends up at dogsbite.

In spite of this, the quotes end up being misleading. One is from a local shelter manager - -many of whom are not terribly well-versed in breed bans -- the other comes from a "National Education Website". The "national" and "out of town" expert will always win in this case in the minds of the public.

I only wish journalists would realze that often times there isn't an "other" side of the story. And this is one of those topics.

Exactly. I'd prefer that they forget all this 'balanced' stuff and just quote a true expert.

YOU raise an interesting point, one I hadn't considered before, around a 'national' or 'educational' group vs a local person with common sense.

That's why I always insist it isn't a debate, since one side has all the facts and evidence and the other has scary stories.

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