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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Aug 23, 2012


Selma, you have given me the will to fight on. After reading your blog, I am in tears. I have been so angry with our government and have tried to do something for all dogs over the past eight years. You and I know right from wrong. I just don`t understand why Bryant is looking for vindication and sympathy.
He`s a murdering, lying, cheating,drunken......and I could go on but I won`t. Thank you for saying what some of us can`t. My anger overcomes my intelligence at times.
I`ve loaded pups onto planes and hidden dogs in my home to save their lives. This aint over `til the fat lady sings. Or we can love our dogs in peace. Which ever comes first.
I`m sharing your words with all on my list.

This is what I put on facebook when I shared this link.
Anyone that's against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) aka Bull Shit Legislation, should read this. It's excellent. And those that like BSL should also read educated, not scared. Links to valid, legitimate facts are provided .

A huge thank you to the author. I've made your blog one of my favorites.

This is one of your best Selma! This latest chapter and revelation in the Life of Bryant gives new meaning to the term disgusting. His relationship with the Liberal party, then and now, is mind boggling. I am particularly frustrated since in theory I consider myself a left leaning "Liberal" (who votes NDP) but these people do not represent me or any other people that I know who are on that side of the political spectrum. McGuinty's government is flat out corrupt - Bankrupt of any morality or integrity and if there is any hope for the Ontario Liberal Party, they must get out from under McGuinty's unethical thumb.
Regarding the Scuba Suit, well, they chose the battle front so I guess we need to fight them where they live!


I initially thought that maybe Bryant didn't know better but when reading the committee hearings and listening to the testimonies of so many professional experts speaking against the ban and all giving stellar reasons for it, I realized then for HIM it was about EGO. No-one in their "right" mind could look at the real facts and not understand the ban was to get media attention(and probably take the heat off the ministry for ALL the gang shootings that happened in the Toronto area that year). He did NOT care IF he was doing the "right" thing, he wanted only to APPEAR that he was. Oh and the PRESS would never have ratted Byrant out for his alcohol problem. HE was their favourite "20 second sound byte". They KNEW they could count on outlandish "over the top" statements from him. As far as McGuinty how could HE not know HE put an alcoholic as Attorney General of Ontario. Shameful AND Pathetic.

Amen my friend! Well written!

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