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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Aug 01, 2012


Well, looking at the outfits, it's clear that many of these dogs are substitute babies. And while I feel for the dogs (I really do!), I think that if it helps prevent some of these owners from breeding (themselves), then perhaps the sacrifice of the dogs' dignity is worth it.

I don't think dogs particularly care that they have on a goofy bandana or whatever. If it's a constricting or uncomfortable costume that's
a different story.
My profile picture shows a pit bull that has on a bandana that made a lovely contrast with his fur. When I checked back on him (I was not going to let him die), he had 35 potential adopters interested in him.
I think it's nice to walk down the rows of cages at a shelter and see the dogs with nice clean and bright bandanas on. I think it shows that someone cares and says"hey, look at me".

gosh, lighten up. I think it's great to see dogs and cats with outfits, colorful leashes, even painted toenails, as well as with no outfits but with nice groomed fur. Because that means their human is putting time and energy into the relationship with that animal. They are not mocking them, and frankly who cares what other people will think about the situation? It's not our business as long as the dog is happy and cared for. And who is doing the anthropomorphic work here if you claim you can judge an animal's thoughts by one photo?

Bandanas are a great idea, Terrier, and not at all what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about a syndrome that wants to deny the dogginess and pretend it's something else. And, as a person who has spent decades among dogs, "nnels", I can assure you that their facial expressions and postures reveal a lot about their moods. If more people knew that , fewer people would be bitten, not that many are anyway.

It's typical for certain humans to assume that assigning moods and feelings to another species is "anthropomorphism". LOL

I suggest to people who put diapers - yes, it's true, and nothing to do with being in season or housetraining - and baby dresses on their dogs that they might try getting a doll, and leave the dogs to the people who truly appreciate them for what they are.

Dogs look ugly in clothes designed for apes.

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