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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Nov 27, 2011


In a similar gathering of statistics, the Center for Disease Control in the US abandoned any attempt to talk about bites and breeds, primarily for the reason that not all bites get reported. Even serious bites often do not require medical attention if there is someone involved who knows first aid, who knows that the dog was fully vaccinated, and/or knew that their own behavior contributed to the incident. The CDC also said that "breed" reporting was inaccurate, and usually involved random guesses based on opinion. You can't base any kind of statistics on that.


Global news sucks McGuinty's devil dick.

Nice bite, Caveat, that was provoked and well-deserved *grin*.

one time, I was surfing around on this web thing, and I found a reported attack by a pit bull. Tried to find later, but, well, me and computers, its not a love affair. Anyway, this report of a pit bull attack on a dog, went like this "put my dog out late at night, heard a noise and when I went out my dog had been attacked, it was dark, could not really see what happened, but pretty sure it was a pit bull". And there it was, a pit bull attack as far as the media was concerned.

Yes, that's another problem - at one point, pretty much every dog that bit somebody was a 'pit bull'. Even today, when I look at what is being called a 'pit bull', I have to shake my head most of the time.

'Pit bulls' are mixed breed dogs, so until they have a category for 'shepherd', 'hound', 'terrier', etc, in their licensing databases, and until they start posting photos with every news report, I think we can safely say that most of these 'pit bull' bites are just more fuel for the fire.

Global should be ashamed of themselves for one thing playing with the statistics they way they did and secondly for labelling that serious piece of fluff they did as "investigative reporting".

A five year old could do better.

It is so refreshing when someone takes the time, and calls out the press, when they get so many facts wrong. I myself was so disappointed by the piece of fluff Global came out with.

Thanks for the time, effort and commitment that was taken to take them to task. Only when time and time they are called out on this crap, will then learn, that indeed we do have our own WATCH DOGS.

PS Even though Global's line graph ends at Jan 1,2010, I note they are giving a number of bites for 2010.

They say there were 379.

Public Health says there were 1017, and remember, that's JUST bites to humans.

If they aren't lying, their research skills are pathetic. And people wonder why we don't put much stock in news reports.

Brent has done similar analyses over at his blog and found the same thing. Bad statistics, bad use of statistics and just plain stupidity. Overall dogbites INCREASE following breed bans...

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