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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 23, 2010


Yeah, but this sort of thing happens -every single time-. Its nothing new. It may seem worse because of the home soil, but all you have to do is look back over the years and youll spot the pattern.

Yer back!!!
Ive managed to totally avoid the Olympics, haha. The media are foul, they turn on a person faster than an Ontario Lie-beral.
This is Soche, who cannot remember the login for your blog! Sheesh, the mind is failing.

I know one Champion, that could take the gold everytime. Her dedication & persistance is next to none!
Too bad, Dog Warrior is not the medal list. U is back! YEA!
Who needs the Olympics now, the race to end BSL is now GAME ON!

Glad to see you back girl! Hang in there, we are all sending you good thoughts.
And may I say that when it comes to WHINING, the good ol USA will always take the Gold in THAT category!! You canuks are tremendously good sports by comparison! Not that that is saying that much... :-)

I hope Canada comes out on top in Gold, just so you guys can grow a little international spine, as you said, and get credit for being more than just a US suburb who still sort of respects that whole Queen thing.
Down here in the US, the coverage is all about quantity, not quality, and our announcers were giddy ... totally giddy ... about Canada not living up to the "own the podium" back when America had 2 good days in a row and a _seemingly_ insurmountable Gold medal count (we horribly assumed that Vonn and Ohno, et al, were going to get all gold all the time).
It was pathetic. Im an American Patriot, but the coverage was so bogus that we were overlooking our legitimate stars who didnt medal and those who unexpectedly did for the over-hyped athletes who already have endorsement deals, etc.
This has been an amazing Olympics for Canada and America, and the current blather about "damn it, they have more Gold than we do, but we have more medals!! (mind you these are both amazing feats)" is so tiresome.

Hey Chris,
The only people who think Canada is a US suburb are Americans - who are known for not getting out much.
Lets not forget WWI started in 1914, and WWII started in 1939 - not 1942.
I get it, though, theres way too much whining about medals instead of focusing on fantastic athletes - from all countries.
Cant wait for the hockey game today. You guys knew we had to let you win that other game or you wouldnt have advanced, right? We wanted to keep it in the family for the gold medal game, thats all :>)

Congratulations on the big win and on taking the most gold. This was truly North Americas best Winter Olympics ever and Canada did the heavy lifting.
It amazes me how many international people dont appreciate how big this is. Ive seen many anti-American posts belittling the total medal count... clearly people who dont know that America has never ever won this honor nor come close.
Same with Canada winning the most golds ever. Anyone who has looked at the historical WO results will see just how significant this is. I think if you asked anyone a few years ago if Canada would ever win the winter olympics, few if any would say yes.

Hey I hope you get back to writing soon, I miss seeing new posts in my feed reader.
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