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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Sep 05, 2009


I know. I have a coworker who is a dog person but believes he should get of because bike couriers are a nuisance and a hazzard. I believe two wrongs rarely, if ever make a right.
No matter who did what or how, there is nothing that suggests the only outcome for this incident was someones death. I also believe a former AG should be the last one to get away with breaking a law, let alone this.

Your coworker lacks reasoning ability.
Lets see. I find cars and ignorant drivers a nuisance and a hazard. In fact, over 450 people are killed by cars in Southern Ontario annually (over 40% from not wearing seatbelts). So, I think its time to start taking the drivers out.
Pedestirans can be a nuisance and a hazard too. Buggers think they own the sidewalk and dont get me started on those #%$@-ing crosswalks or the way they march into an intersection on a green light without looking both ways. I say its time to start playing a little game of auto-bowling and knocking the mofos down...steeeeeerike!
You know what else bugs me? Streetcars. Damned things run on tracks so they cant change course in case of a slowdown. Also, you have to stop 6 feet behind the back doors all the time. I say its time to start derailing the damned things and letting the chips fall where they may.
Traffic lights are a major drag, too. How about we unplug em all so the traffic can flow more smoothly?
Ah hell, lets go all the way and just revert to the old frontier mentality. It worked back then, didnt it? Didnt it? Only the strong survive, baby.
btw If you think Im annoyed by the spin about Brytler, zip over to Wag the Dog - theyre making Caveat look all reasonable and fair and stuff, which is totally working for me.
I disabled the live linky feature because spammers were putting in links while I was on vacation. I can reactivate it now that Ill be monitoring things more closely. IN the meantime, to visit WTD grab it from the left sidebar under Mans Only Friends or cut and paste. Its worth the visit.

I have questions.
If the late Mr. Shepherd had as many outstanding warrants as the mediocre media reported, would those warrants not have turned up on a CPIC during the earlier part of the evening when the police supposedly dealt with him? If those outstanding warrants exist and were turned up on CPIC, would the police not have taken Mr. Shepherd into custody?
I dont trust a word I read in the media about this case because of Navigators involvement.

I hear ya, Soche. I dont trust a word I read in media these days without Navigators involvement, but add in the spin-doctors and...
Of course the cops would have run Sheppards name when they dealt with him earlier in the day over an alleged disturbance. If he had warrants, they wouldnt have sent him on his way. If he had been drunk, they wouldnt have let him ride away on his bike. The bullshit is getting awfully thick.
CTV news referred to it as an accident on tonights newscast. At least the tidbits about the Marvellous Mikey Bee have dropped off. Thanks to the Star for letting the cat right out of the bag for the people who dont read blogs written by hard-core unrepentant cynics who arent BFFs with Brytler. Now that everybody knows about Navigator, they have hopefully been neutralized.
Heres a question - does anybody think Brytler might opt for a jury trial, hence all the spinning?

The fact that MB hired a PR firm while still in custody absolutely disgusts me and says more about his character than anything else. I think he should have had the decency to wait until after the trial to start the reputation-massaging. But then again, MB always did have a lot of control over the medias version of things, so I guess I should have expected this slimey move from him.
B in BC

On the bright side, its nice to see that the US media isnt the only one that appears to be controlled by greedy, politically-motivated, semi-literate morons.

Id love to see the little s..t spend the max. in jail, it aint gonna happen.
Oct.19 he will go to court and get off on self defense, he has a top notch lawyer , PR firm and the media on his side.
SocialMange- I have not trusted the media for 5 years , thats when they rocked my world.
In this video you can see the initial "accident", the video shows Bryant hitting the back of the cyclists back wheel, then pressing on the gas which launches the cyclist over the hood of the car.
After this happens, the cyclist jumps onto the car as the car is trying to leave the scene.
This clip alone should land Bryant in jail.
More clips of "accident" here.

Finally a story that tells the truth on the Michael Bryant Incident without spin:
Looks like there is some media that cant be bought!

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