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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Sep 01, 2009


Welcome back sister!

Now maybe the rest of Ontario will KNOW what WE have KNOWN all along. This guy is and always was "inherently dangerous" AND a "ticking time bomb".
There is NO excuse for what he did. He couldnt be charged with "DOGSLAUGHTER" over the past four years but should indeed NOW be charged with MANSLAUGHTER".
As usual, Great post Caveat. Welcome back.

Hey Caveat.... missed you!!! wondered if this might bring you back to us.. !
Great article as usual. Ive been told to quiet down as this has nothing to do with pit bulls.. seems to me that a murderous character of someone accused of murder may be connected!!!

Please dont rehome him to BC - they do not deserve such a black hearted animal.

Nice to have you back!
Well it appears that Michael "ticking time bomb" Bryant has more blood on his hands!
It just doesnt seem to stop! with him. However, maybe some of the general pubic will begin to see that the DOGS are not ,or ever been, the problem.
Hmmm, one person in Canada allegedly killed by a pit bull. Result. Thousands of slaughtered dogs in Ontario and a nightmare for all dog owners.
One Cyclist killed by a Politician, in a possible road rage incident, and the case is kept in Traffic court? ........ and what we get to see on TV, is an offer of condolence to his family? Well, maybe, they will show more compassion then he ever did., but I hope instead, they go see a lawyer.
Will justice prevail?

Dont send him back to B.C.! We dont want him either!

Welcome back, missed ya!
Looks like the real ticking time bomb went OFF!!!

In Canada we dont bonfire the vanities but convict the guilty. I hope everyone will, in the context of this tragedy, let the facts unfold and give Mr. Bryant the priviledge of being considered innocent until proven guilty.

Your viewpoint is interesting, because Mr. Bryant and the Fiberals declared thousands of law-abiding people guilty and made them into second-class citizens when they had done nothing wrong.
We dont bonfire the vanities? We dont burn objects of sin? I think youre incorrect in that regard, since what I see of N.A. society indicates to me that there is a swing to the righteous (self-righteous?) and demand for nanny state laws. Society seems to see all as objects of sin, and proposes ever-increasing legislative "burning".

How about the thousands of dogs that were deemed "guilty" solely because of their shape and killed under Bryant & Cos law? Where was the compassion towards them?

If you read my post, youll see thats exactly what I did, even though Bryant doesnt deserve to be treated fairly in view of his bloody past.
If ever there was a case for reverse onus....

Innocent until proven guilty? WOW, what a concept. Too bad that Bryant himself put into LAW in 2005 that "some" people are NOW automatically guilty and must Prove their Innocence.
That LAW will be a PRECEDENT and can be used by others in the future.
Personally I think he should get a "taste" of HIS own medicine here.

Do I feel empathy for a human being inside this "ticking time bomb" yes, but I want him to have a fair! because he took that away from me. I said this that God gets even and well here we are. Revenge is mine Say eth the Lord. Sorry, got all religious there. Burn the bastard.

I have to say, Im embarrassed that this guy was top of the legal food chain in Ontario. I figured the ban was a combination of ignorance and pressure now I cant even give him the benefit of that amount of doubt.
What an ass. (Oh, and his other big thing was street racing...)
BTW, the priviledge of being considered innocent until proven guilty no longer exists upon admission which he has, in effect, done.

Ah, I knew I should have checked your site before emailing you about this! Always a pleasure to read your blog, and like everyone else has said, its good to have you back.
Seriously, though, maybe we should consider the possibility that Bryant is inherently aggressive. Im sure this would make perfect sense to him, at least, right? That aggression is likely in his blood and I think it would be wise to consider a ban on middle aged white men at this point.

Well..I was wondering when you might get around to this Selma...
Dogs eveywhere are barking K A R M A

No use adding anything, your previous comments say it all.
As for the outcome?
Community service is probably the worst hell get. Lawyers have to look out for each other. Judges are lawyers first and foremost. Therell be a big speech about how such actions arent tolerated in politically correct Onscario, then hell get his wrist slapped.

People killed by pit bull type dogs in Ontario over the past FIFTY years? ONE
People killed by Michael Bryant in Ontario over the past FIFTY years? ONE
Just sayin.

Selma, this is SO refreshing after all that whitewashing pap in the media, Blatchford and Radwanski possibly excepted.
I hope he does get a Fair Trial, as we great unwashed would supposedly get, provided were not from the wrong side of the tracks or a pit bull.

Yesterday on CTV they were saying how well-liked Bryant was at Queens Park, even by members of the Opposition.
I was like, WTF? Well-liked? Remember when Gar Dunlop was calling him Pit Bull Boy during question period until the Speaker made him cut it out? And when Bryant would be babbling away to the guy beside him - from his own party - and the guy would turn his back on him? I think it was Bartolucci, not sure now.
Not that it matters whether he was well-liked or not - a person is dead.
Then they were talking about all the collisions between cars and bikes, implying that renegade bicyclists were responsible for them. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, cyclists deliberately ramming cars..
Sometimes I wonder if Im from another planet and am stranded among weird aliens. Seriously.

Bryant well-liked????
*falls down laughing*

I never thought Bryant could ever again make me feel so uncomfortable - sad and at the same time ecstatic. One moment Im so sorry for the cyclist who lost his life so unnecessarily and the next moment Im jumping up and down cheering that Bryant has finally got his comeupance. Yay! Made my day. Hope the inevitable whitewash doesnt stick and he gets whats coming to him. All the children who have been attacked by dogs, had dozens of stitches to repair their faces and are living with life-long disfigurements are vindicated by having him brought down - their parents really thought he was going to do something constructive to stop attacks - and all the "pit bull:" owners who have lost their pals through his dumb ban are entitled to be glad to see him go down in flames.

If that is the case (and I FEAR it might be after speaking with a lawyer friend) I hope it is cleaning up the crap in kennels.

I absolutely detest the media spin on this. Whether the victim or his family had a troubled and unprivileged background is irrelevant. Goliath was driving that Saab, and it doesnt matter a whit whether David slung the first stone, if in fact he did.
Were all pedestrians (or cyclists) when it comes down to that. Somehow, getting behind the wheel turns some of us into monsters.
Of course, Nirvana/Navigator or whatever his PR agency is called will spin this even faster than McSquinty or Miller or the fancy big-bucks lawyers can do.
As Fred, at says, "craptastic".

Very cool post. Wish I had said some of what you did when making comments all over the place these last few days WITTY redstar.

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