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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Apr 09, 2009


One of the participants in the LV meeting helped "negotiate" the recent California MSN for pit bulls... their excuse was that its so much better than total BSL. Of course they regularly bash "breeders" as well, so you have to wonder what THEIR agenda is.

I know. Exactly.

Watch out - you might incite a virtual riot. Actually - sign me up!

If you believe HSUS is engaging in excessive lobbying, complain to the IRS. Charities (IRC 501(c)(3)), such as HSUS, are not allowed to do substantial amounts of lobbying.,,id=139029,00.html. The online form has a box "excessive lobbying." HSUS EIN (taxpayer number): 53-0225390

Just was forwarded this petition
--Pass along!
This is a petition to remove the tax free status of HSUS.

While online petitions are basically useless, Ill sign this one just for giggles.
And thanks for the IRS info a couple of comments above.

They are useless as far as their stated purpose, but can be a good conversation starter for Joe or Jane Public who may not even be aware that there is a controversy.
Plus that little bit of silly satisfaction in signing it. :)
The IRS stuff was not mine but interesting.

HSUS employee Desiree Bender is currently working to get mandatory s/n (and other BSL) in Indianapolis. With the blessing of HSUS, she is working with a politico that wants pb dogs to be s/n, chipped. registered, a sign posted at their home, photo on file and 1 million in liability. Not making this up, have all the docs to prove it. In fact, several of the upper tier at HSUS knows about Benders activities and they are condoning it. Bender tried to do the same thing in NJ a few years back...sounds like Denvers Kory Nelson. Bender is the state rep for Arkansas where she successfully lobbied against the dogs for mandatory s/n. Politico, Mike Speedy, just announced that Bender will be going to Indianpolis, as a rep of HSUS, to testify on behalf of the BSL. NOTE: There is no support for this BSL in Indianapolis. Even the guys own party wrote him off as rogue for continuing his push yet HSUS is still fueling his cause and giving it cred by lending their name. Bender is saying it is for the good of the dogs but since she has been working with him the language in the BSL is getting worse and worse for the dogs. With friends like this... Caveat, you can contact me at

Do I believe this change of heart on the part of H$U$?
Is that a pig I see flying by my window?

Spot on...who the fuck gave H$U$ the right to speak for any of us/our pets? Its time to take it back...I think its time for the big orgs to quit acting like they are relavent by even consulting them. They need to fall in line or meet their demise...Im past done with them, I vote for option #2

Excellent point! What does make HSUS the expert on dogs and breeding? The answer is they are not! The only things they are experts with is posting vegan recipes on their web site and enjoying outlandish staff salaries! The IRS and the FBI need to shut down this animal terrorist group!

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