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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Apr 03, 2009


You know how highly ironic this is reading about how someone thinks it costs $190,000 to rehab one pit bull when just hours earlier I was reading about how the Toronto Sun, now apparently the mouthpiece of the Toronto Humane Society, thinks it should only cost $500,000 a year to run a complete animal shelter/animal control facility for a city the size of Toronto. What the hell is wrong with all these people? They just pluck imaginary numbers out of the air and feed them into their media machines hoping that the public will simply accept everything they say without question. I guess the unfortunate thing is that often the public does just that.

Whats wrong with them is that they are all demented, drunk on power or just so arrogant that they figure they can run anything up the flagpole and everybody will salute.
Liars and brigands, the lot of them.

Having read the whole exchange over at BDS, I DO recall when that brief came out that many of us were scratching our heads at the $190k figure, knowing how little pit bull rescuers spend (or have available to spend) on the rescue of actual dogs and knowing that some would have rescued the dogs without any money at all.
Of course we didnt know then that the judge would fine Vick $900k for the dogs care... and we still dont actually know how that money was spent (except for the structures at Best Friends).
We DO still know that HSUS are hypocritical assh****s

My interpretation is still this: HSUS was referencing a figure filed in an unrelated case - the Vick case. NO ONE, to my knowledge, ever said it would cost $190,000 to rehab each Faron dog. And had Best Friends attorney been advised of the hearing, I can guess that figure would have been refuted. It was not applicable to the Faron dogs but the HSUS testimony lead the judge to believe it was. I dont know what the legal term may be but to me, thats BS.

The thing is, the implication in Wilke Co. was that the actual cost to rehab EACH Vick dog (even though according to Deputy Schindler, that hasnt happened). That was the spin used to mislead the judge.
The actual fact is that the amount was not awarded, was not spent and in fact, according to the docs BDS excerpted from, the TOTAL amount awarded to care for all the Vick dogs was $137K give or take.
So, if I ask the court for $190K to train a dog and they actually award me less than 10% of that, is it honest to say that it costs $190K to train a dog?
And youre right, the Vick case had diddley to do with the Faron case.
The bottom line is that thanks to the HSUS, more dogs have been killed for no reason at all. The Boudreaux dogs were all killed before the case even went to court and where he was exonerated. The Patrick dogs? They were killed before a hearing and worse, certain pit bull experts killed the ones they rescued.

Off the hook?
I think not.
A) Dont give testimony in areas where you have no expertise. Its not okay to simply quote others, and pretend to be an expert yourself.
B) If you have any expertise in rehab-ing aggressive dogs (assuming they are even aggressive), you know it doesnt cost anywhere close to $190,000 per dog, much less does it take 18 months. I worked with an awful lot of aggressive dogs, including pit bulls that came directly from fighting rings (according to officials involved in the cases). Ive never spent longer than 6 weeks re-training an aggressive dog...ever!

I agree and thats why when I do quote others I usually give them credit.
I have encountered many dogs that were fearful or foolhardy enough to think they could push me around. Thing is, I dont consider myself a trainer, behaviourist or anything like that. Im just a person who has hung out with all kinds of dogs all my life.
That said, even I know that hiring the best dog trainer in North America wouldnt cost 200K x 53 = $1,060,000. I am convinced its just the HSUS wankers blowing smoke, trying to regain the ground theyve lost over pit bulls and pull stuff out of their a**es so they appear to be experts.
Its been my observation that unlike some other groups who are less than squeaky clean in terms of the whole pit bull fiasco, the HSUS knows little about animals, especially dogs. They say themselves they dont get pet ownership and want to stop the breeding of dogs. Asking their opinion about pit bulls is like asking the Grand Inquisitor his opinion of non-Catholics. Just as using Slow Tommy from Toledo as an expert witness in Ontario is akin to using the KKK as an expert on African-Americans.
Im sick of all these carrion eaters fighting over the pit bull corpse - the one they were instrumental in creating.
The HSUS isnt fit to sit in the same room with real experts.

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