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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Mar 14, 2009


Being hysterical is being hysterical and NAWS pushing MSN has nothing to do with this partiicular story. Seriously, the glee people are showing by these puppies dying because it looks bad on NAWS is disgusting. It does nothing to help our cause...just makes (the royal) you look like as asshole to the outside world.

I dont know who is gleeful about yet more puppies coming down with parvo, but I agree that while the puppies are collateral damage, celebrating their demise is despicable.
The point of this whole thing to me is that groups such as PAWS support mandatory neutering and unbelievably intrusive (and largely unnecessary) restrictions on hobby breeders.
They like to shout from the rooftops that all breeders are puppy millers, that their dogs are neglected and unhealthy, that they dont get proper vet care, etc. Yet this same group has failed to put its own house in order despite raking in millions in donations to do just that..
The fact is that whether you get a dog from a shelter or a breeder you still have to keep your wits about you in order to distinguish between the good, the bad and the ugly. Thats the honest message, everything else is just spin by both sides, although the people who want to preserve dog ownership have been put into the position of using the animal liberation toolkit in order to fight fire with fire.
Ms Winfrey is either very gullible or has an incompetent reserach team, something which has become apparent with her swooning over Pacelle and the HSUS, supporting mandated neutering, etc. Often, people who are in a successful, busy position in life are forced to rely on the research efforts of others. Just as you have to have dog-smarts when adopting or buying a dog, you have to have people smarts when listening to opinions disguised as facts.
Thousands of dogs die every day. Surely nobody is shedding a tear for each and every one of them? This was a good chance to point out the extreme hypocrisy of the animal extinction crowd and Im glad Yates took it.

I would love to know where exactly the statement of "it only takes one generation of mandatory spay/neuter to eradicate a species" came from. Is this a proven fact? Has this law passed somewhere that we dont know about and led to a species in that area being eradicated?

Well, Anonymous (man, youre busy) it doesnt take a high IQ to figure out that if you sterilize all the dogs there wont be any more dogs.
Or maybe it does.
There is no point in passing laws that are absurd, punitive and that lead to more dogs being seized and killed, unless your goal is a No Birth Nation or something.

This article is filled with crap. If Yates is going to not only comment, but go into detail on PAWS and its facilities, maybe HE should actually visit the facility firsthand and read stated facts and figures on the PAWS website.

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