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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Mar 14, 2009


I had a premonition of this happening just before she got rescued dogs. O knows little/nothing about animal rights, and they didnt apparently warn her, because she went full speed ahead and put them on TV very soon after obtaining it or them. She got the dogs because she listened to animal rights. If she had not listened and did more research, she would have asked whether they quarantined the dogs for 2weeks or more (which is what you do w/rescued pups). Anyone who has dealt w/bad parvo never, never will forget. And they were blaming commercial kennels. They should be more careful with what they tell people.

The bigger question to my mind is: Has Oprha learned anything from this experience? My hope would be YES and she will use her platform to educate the public appropriately. But my fear is NO and she will buy whatever she is sold by this shelter, Pacelle and/or whoever else has her ear regarding the subject currently.

actually my FIRST question is whether this is true.
Yates is not exactly reliable.
Does anyone have an independent source? Teh Google News doesnt have any. Teh main Google only has stories based on the Yates email, as far as I can tell.

Here is the link for Sadies page on Oprahs site:
I imagine that page will be updated if Oprah verifies the story.

Gee, Yates isnt reliable and the ADBA is registering mutts. Whatever.
I asked John if hed confirmed the story, hell get back to me Im sure.
I was at a dog show in another area all day so didnt have a chance to check in here.

Actually it has been confirmed, you can read more here -->

THAT is hardly a confirmation -- its one of those re hash blogs that dont even attribute their sources.
In a similar vein, the "Examiner" newspaper confirmed theres a bat boy terrorizing New York City.

"veterinarians who oppose a spay/neuter mandate are greedy"... let me get this straight - vets who oppose a compulsory surgical procedure that only they can perform are greedy???
I swear - no one but NO ONE on Earth has mastered the doublespeak like the AR fanatics have.
If greed were their primary motivation then vets would be lining up to endorse MSN. Not only would they get the fees for the surgeries, but also since all those dogs would be neutered at a too-young age theyd get to treat the associated problems like hip dysplasia, ACL tears, bone cancer etc etc.
But of course, if greed were the primary motivation then most of them would get the hell out of the veterinary business and into something easier and more lucrative but I digress.

There you go, Barb, gettting all logical and stuff.....dont be a buzzkill, the animal liberationists are on a roll here....

If Sadie, Oprahs other rescued puppy has Parvo too, I hope she will receive Fresh Frozen Plasma from Hemopet (W.Jean Dodds, DVM founder) Animal Blood Bank in Garden Grove, California. All blood obtained from the rescued greyhounds that donate. My daughter had a dog with parvo and the fresh frozen plasma saved his life.

plasma can also be a life saver for fading or orphan pups. Good stuff and another +1 for Dr Dodds.

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The rumors about the puppies that were spread online over the weekend (on animal and dog message boards and blogs), are inaccurate according to the information currently available to me (first mommy of the cocker pups). I have confirmed with PAWS Chicago directly that yes, two of the puppies (Ivan and Sadie) have contracted the parvovirus, and that Ivan didnt make it. Our thoughts are with Oprah and Sadie as they try to pull through this devastating turn of events. The other puppies, the three I have placed with families and the five others in PAWS foster care or adoptive homes, are doing fine and have tested negative for the virus. Please send me an email if you have further questions or would like more information.

Parvo is very serious and contagious. All the dogs on the show would be exposed as well as the audience bringing it home to their pets. PAWS is an irresponsible group. Vaccinations should have been done. It is sad for the dogs and those infected. Note also PAWS exaggerates a lot. On the website featuring Oprahs expose they claim a lab was forced to have over 1000 puppies. Do the math if the dog had the max of 2 litters a year and had 12 puppies she would have to be over 42 years of age. There are great local rescues and this is not one. Second the laws PAWS is trying to get through Chicago are ridiculous

So what parts are inaccurate? Im confused!
I wonder too why Oprah hasnt had her site updated and/or mentioned something on her show about it.

Im more confused now than before. The posting here, and on Angela Browns website, seems to definitely CONFIRM, not deny, the veracity of the original posting.
Original posting: Ivan dead, Sadie sick
Angelas posting: Ivan dead, Sadie sick
What am I missing here?

who the heck is Angela and why should we believe her? As they say, on the Internet, no on knows youre a dog.
Though I do find it odd (or telling) that there is no reference on Oprahs website.. surely the noise has reached her ears. She really should explain or deny.,0,1576700.story
now THIS is confirmation.
Im sure Mr Yates will join all of us in mourning the sad death of the puppy and sympathizing with Ms. Winfrey in her loss.
Or not.

Heres the info I received from John, havent had my computer on since last weekend for various reasons:
"The story was done independently and has not been reported elsewhere. I confirmed the information with people who were directly involved.
However, I have learned that a veterinarian named Dr. Jean Dodds, who conducts podcasts and seminars, described the situation during a seminar Saturday that someone I know saw. She said the pup had been receiving plasma all week from a company called Hemopet.
I also got an angry "shoot the messenger" email from a PAWS volunteer that confirmed."
So Emily, take a pill, will you? The one that makes you bigger.
btw Appearance in the MSM doesnt exactly verify stories, in my experience, at least not dog stories.

ah no, a story in major newspaper, that actually REPORTS, including verifiable quotes from the actual people involved.... no that wouldnt be verification!. Only John Yates spewing hatred, innuendo (and no sympathy for the victims) has the truth.
Now I understand! Thats why you approve of Terrierman, too! even totally fact free posts are GOOD! As long as they express a strong opinion in line with your own, no skepticism is allowed.
But seriously: Dont you think someone involved with dogs, and so (allegedly) concerned about health issues should know who Jean Dodds is? Anyone who refers to her as "a veterinarian named Dr Jean Dodds who conducts podcasts and seminars" has no credibility to talk about dog health. But then its clear Yates isnt interested in dog health. Hes just used this tragedy as a mechanism to bash an organization he disapproves of.

Yates reported this a week ahead of anybody else. What hatred is he spewing? I didnt notice that.
Terrierman and I dont see eye to eye on a lot of things. Ask him, dont take my word for it. What I like about him is that he isnt afraid to voice his opinions regardless of whether they are mainstream or not.
As for skepticism, I live and breathe it, as do all of us who are fighting the lies, myths and other nonsense on which breed bans, mandatory neutering and animal liberation are based, so I have no idea what you are talking about there.
Not everybody knows who Dodds is, which was obviously the point in mentioning it briefly in the report.
I dont know why Im bothering to even explain any of this.
Your participation in this discussion is over, Emily. Go troll somewhere else, unless you have something constructive to contribute.

Just had to return and add that a local radio station reported this in their morning run-through of the news and it went like this:
DJ One: Oprahs puppy died of Parvis - wait, is that right - Parvis?
DJ Two: Yeah, thats right.
DJ One: Its a gasternal disease...

I often disagree with Emily but Ill second her on Yates. His post was more than a bit gleeful in its reporting despite his half hearted best wishes at the end. He obviously has a point to prove (yes, as do we all).
And the pups probably WERE vaccinated but that doesnt mean they 100% cant get parvo - esp if it was before their follow up shot. That happened to me anyway - a long time ago so things may have changed. But with diseases evolving I wouldnt doubt its still the case.

Also, his characteristic of NAWS as an EXTREMIST ANIMAL RIGHTS SHELTER is false by definition - Animal rights people DONT HAVE SHELTERS. They kill pets instead - either directly or indirectly.
Im not a supporter in the least of their views and their pushing MSN in Chicago. But lets stick with the facts and forgo the name calling - its as shrill as the AR groups deriding anyone who dares to responsibly breed a dog.

Lets get back to the real issue. There is an organizaton pushing mandatory spay/neuter in Chicago (which I hope has been shot down), and that adopted out sick puppies (Oprah is fortunate to have the money for the extreme veterinary care for the pups). Id have serious issues with that organizations disease control protocols as well as its political views.
It only takes one generation of mandatory spay/neuter to eradicate a species.

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