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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 17, 2009


Right on sistah.
All dogs dead now unfortunately. But as we know, there will be another case and the INHUMANE Society will be there with their expert witnesses and their coffers.

HSUS - another disappointment. I have to wonder how good intentions are perverted into bad - assuming HSUS was a good organization to start with.

Im told they were taken over in the late 80s when a bunch of Board spots opened up which created the ideological shift. A common problem, Im afraid - and getting worse.
They used to be a humane society before that.

The ordinance read "If the adopted animal is a dog used for fighting". ALL 127 were used for dogfighting? I doubt very seriously they were fighting "puppies".
Sounds like they went well beyond the statute. Many things are going to have to change before things like this dont happen anymore.
But with thefrenzied efforts of the HSUS (Hypocritical Society of the U.S.) as well as PETA (People Euthanizing Treatable Animals) involved, those poor dogs were doomed.
If I believed in an afterlife I would say a prayer. Guess I will just have to figure out something else...

Shouldnt protesting the court order be done by filing with the court? None of the killings or raids or any of this crap will stop as long as HSUS keeps doing it. I am working on a project concerning the issues. But far from done yet.

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