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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 26, 2009


Yes, someone at LACC screwed up. But the attending `officer` was a bit smarter than that, thank goodness. There are miller mastiff, rotti and dogue de bordeux breeders in the area and these mix pups are showing up at LACC . They have the job of sorting the pbs out and that can be difficult without dna or vet records. I don`t like animal control at the best of times but this time , the end result was good. How do we fix this ? Maybe hire intelligent people to run the phones and computers? Maybe get over there and adopt a large breed instead of waiting for the kill numbers?
LACC has been working with several rescue groups over the years to free any dogs that havent eaten someone. I , personally have taken a few pb pups into care from them. They arent the bad guys.
City hall has far too much to say about animal identification and has no idea what they are talking about. There are people out there making presentation upon presentation to council to no avail.
Council wants the tag money and couldn`t give a shit less about any dog or cat life.
Oh ya, and kill days there used to be Monday and Wednesday. If you want to help, get over there and help save the dogs and cats.

Speaking of generally wrong stuff
A poll at Costco that is sure to trap "but I wuv animals!" folks into voting in support of Ingrids mission
Costco vote on Animal Rights..
And an article from SoCal that extolls Ms Mancuso and AB---oops I mean SB250
Also with a poll!
Caveat, can you sew? cause I think a voodoo doll collection of North American AR or political idjits could be a money maker.

wowzers. Its just one thing after another for these dogs.

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