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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 20, 2009


Next time I want some credible data, Ill just go ahead and ask 10 people and go with whatever the majority of those 10 think.
Great science!

Why has she been attacked by pit bulls three times and by other dogs, too?
Probably because she doesnt know Jack about dogs.

Cos dogs is smart?

She took the article down because she felt threatened.
Oh boy...
What a whiny, nasty, pathetic little excuse for a reporter she is. Remember back in the old days, when reporters were actually expected to know facts, and to do research?

The wilfully ignorant always feel threatened by the knowledgeable, in my experience.
Thats why they remain ignorant.

Locking Jaw Lady deleted almost all the comments, including my erudite ones, claiming they were death threats and disrespectful.
What a piece of work. I wonder if shes Korys sister?

No no no, its just that , you know, FACTS do tend to get in the way of a nice sanctimonious and heavily flawed argument.

True. Just ask Dalton McGuinty.
Funny thing is, Ive been checking in on and off all day because I felt like frittering around and I didnt see any death threats or nastiness. Except from the dogsbite wankers, of course.
I sent KC over to address the libel.

Oy, I went to this story because of the EB involved. The story is pretty mild.
The comments....
Is it a full moon or something? The "pits are killing machines" folks are out in force.
To view the comments in their entirety you need to click on "view all comments" . Is the chart there from Clifton?

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