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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 12, 2009


So long as all breeders order their bitches to have singletons only, and all breeders have just one litter per year, and all breeders import stock from other states so they can sell their singletons - wait, what was I saying? I was going to explain how this wouldnt be a problem law but I getted lost.

Oh, come now, they give you a whole sixty days to sell those puppies. Thats awesome cause no responsible breeder would keep a few back to health screen and test for ability and we all know that no one responsible would, you know, take their time to get them all in the right homes...oh wait, Im lost now too.

This law will be easy to enforce and Im sure theyve thought things through.
Theyll stop evil puppy farmers because commercial breeders will be exempt and..wait a minute..OK never mind that...
All they have to do is pay attention to what all the unlicensed hobby breeders in mountainous, Live Free or Die New Hampshire are up to and monitor which bitches are in heat, which are pregnant, how many puppies are in the whelping pens and how many are being sold privately for cash and how many are being driven out of state and..oh, wait, Im getting mixed up here.
UmK but once they find out who is violating this law, they can collect big money, like around $200, which will more than offset the costs of investigation and prosecution and...Oh, I give up.

ok., so let me get this straight. These good people are going to exempt puppy mills but will fine the true breeders and dog lovers.
Who thinks up this stuff? Do they not read what they write? Or what?
Please enlighten me.

Hey, it doesnt have to make sense, dont be a buzzkill.

New Hampshire already requires commercial breeders to be licensed and inspected.
Anyone interested in NH dog legislation should go to Dog Owners of the Granite States web site.

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