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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 23, 2009


Im quite sure Id be pretty aggressive if Id just got thrown out of a moving vehicle and someone was trying to drag me around.

Oh? Then wed have to take you downtown.

Maybe you could suggest a Provincial Fatuosity Day to Dalton since he did give us Family Day. He could hand out rubber mallets with which to beat ourselves over the head with until we realize that the fatuous becomes factual.

Good idea, Fred. Who knows? If you hit the right sector, McGuinty might start making sense.

When my Gran was in a bad wreck decades ago, the two Mastiffs she had loose in the estate car with her both stood over her growling while the Ambulance attendants tried to get to her.
Unbelievably, no one shot them. A police officer with dog savvy managed to get them leashed, and away from the scene, after much patience and cookies.
Today, someone would just shoot them and call them Pit Bulls.
Of course, its also a good argument in favor of crates in cars. For the dogs sake, that is.

Where is your no HSUS widget? I couldnt get it to work but I wanted one!

Its to your left under the Bark Obama! badge, which I should change to the past tense since mean Gina took the blog down after the election.

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