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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 27, 2009


Good stuff! Ill be sure to check out the ABC story. Thanks for posting!

Hey Donovan, good blog. Ive added you to my sidebar under Mans Only Friend.

Thanks, Selma!
I try to be a useful part of the blogosphere, but Ive found the hardest part is focusing on one thing at a time! The number of posts that I have in the "draft" stage is ridiculous. (LOL)
Take care, and again, thanks for the consideration.

Tell me about it. I dont do that much anymore although I have a few old drafts that might be worth finishing. If I cant get something out there right away, I usually forget it until later. Right now, I have about ten things in the queue but that queue can change depending on events.
Usually I just bang them out and post them. Sometimes Ill spot errors or language I dont like but I have no qualms about doing some editing afterwards. Im aware of all internet traditions but I tend to ignore most of em. :>O
Usually, somebody else will cover a topic if its "news" so I can link to them. The lazy way to blogging!
I guess my main goal is to try to keep information flowing, stay on message as much as possible, castigate the bad guys at every opportunity and send people around to other blogs. The more new blogs about our little problem that come online, the better!

What a great story! Ive always said I could never own a pit bull ... because they are too lovey dovey! I wouldnt know what to do with a luv bug. Give me an independent dog who snubs me when I walk in the door and Im happy.

I hear you. Thats why I dont have a pit bull - I dont like lapdogs :>)

Thats ANOTHER reason they should be banned: too friendly!

Duhhh everyone knows the only mean pit bulls are in Lucas County. Apparently there pit bulls wear villainous costumes and have super powers, like super-human strength, the ability to disguise themselves as boxers and labs and even bullet proofness…

Good thing Slow Tommy is on the job protecting people from domestic dogs, eh?

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