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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 21, 2009


Having multiple pit bull type dogs is always a concern I have when licensing my dogs. Doing rescue and running a sanctuary, I have far more dogs than the average owner would have and the majority happen to fall into the pit bull classification. However, even though I feel liccensing them under the appropriate breed will paint a bullseye on our backs, I go ahead and do it. I also list them under the appropriate breed. I know that many owners will list their pit bulls as boxer mixes or lab mixes, I do not want to contribute to he already skewed statistics. I want my dogs to raise the percentage of licensed pit bulls statistics because my dogs do not contribute to the problem dog statistics

I live in Northwest Missouri, and Omaha is where we used to go on Sundays to get away from BSL for a while: a visit to the dog park, Petco, etc. When Omaha looked at BSL, members of groups such as the ASPCA and the Nebraska Humane Society, and the AKC came in from all over the country, to help draft an ordinance without BSL as a compromise. Anti-tethering was part of the new ordinance, since every incident involving a "pit bull" or any dog, for that matter, involved a dog that was tethered outside and wont for socialization. They worked on it all summer long. The mayor gave it a read and decided to tack on muzzling for "pit bulls." He publicly stated that he wanted a ban, but was willing to compromise. There was one so-called "public hearing" on the matter. One witness was a professional dog trainer who told the council how dangerous and unpredictable pit bulls are. She suggested that they should be muzzled and harnessed with a coupler attached to the harness and collar. (Eh?) Now, no dogs in Omaha can be left on a tether, and "pit bulls" must be muzzled unless in a secure fence. The dog park, though secure, is is off-limits to "pit bulls" unless they are muzzled. They can be off-leash, but muzzled. If a "pit bull" passes the CGC, wears a special vest marked "breed ambassador" and the owner pays an extra registration fee, no muzzle is required. We no longer go to Omaha on Sundays.

Christina Blizzard at the Toronto Sun laments the escalation of government interference
Uh huh. Excuse me if I dont give a big shout out to anyone who writes for the Sun, considering that I still hold that rag of a newspaper largely responsible for our current BSL situation.
They did everything in their power to fan the flames leading up to McIdiots decision - posting headlines about killer dogs, and slavering Pit Bulls of doom, and oh who knows what else.
Now that theyve got what they wanted, their columnists are all "Waah, stop bossing us around".
Work for tabloids, and you dont get a high horse to ride on.

I know, my first reaction was "What took you so long?".
Whats sad is that we thought the Sun was pretty good when things were hot and heavy but we were comparing them with the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and a few minor rags such as the London Free Press at the time. The Ottawa Citizen was best for us all along.
Then when Peter Worthingtons dog was attacked by a pit bull he started ranting in fluent Bullshit about pit bulls, etc.
Imagine our disappointment when his promised column about why pit bulls cant be used as police or service dogs didnt appear. We were all ready for it and waiting anxiously for press time.
Seriously, I like Christina Blizzard well enough, mostly because she criticizes McGuinty quite regularly,k but to give the dog ban less than a line in an article about government interference is pretty pathetic.
Let me guess. After we win or however we get rid of this thing, theyll all be writing columns about the undemocratic details of the ban and proclaiming to their readers that it was a stupid idea from the get-go.

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