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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 16, 2009


That "little" letter tells it like it is and if these people dont wake to the "facts" we should BAN all of them for the extreme ignorance of putting legislation through on issues THEY KNOW NOTHING about. I am so fed up with "knee jerk legislation". Cant THESE people do some decent research and LEARN the REAL issues before they start writing legislation that once passed takes hundreds of thousands of dollars, years to be rid of, wastes the taxpayers money and ties up the courts? UNREAL! That does not include the thousands of work hours of thousands of KNOWLEDGABLE people that THEN have to put in THEIR valuable time AND dollars to change these draconian laws. Cant Montana learn with previous mistakes? It will take a couple of years and ONCE more we will hear how dog attacks are UP after MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars are again wasted. As Lucy used to say, "Oh Good GRIEF Charlie Brown".

The funny thing is, Fayclis, that it looks as if Im cherry picking in my list of suggested reading.
There isnt anything out there in the scientific literature or elsewhere that supports breed banning - I havent been able to find even one peer-reviewed paper or authoritative article that does.
I wish that werent true, because Id love to see the evidence supporting this bizarre idea.

Great Letter! If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would be asking for permission to publish, and take out a full page in our newspapers for everyone to read it.
I can only hope they will listen to the research and suggestions you have laid out carefully, in your vast wisdom of the issues, (which shows) in this letter

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