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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 18, 2009



In a perfect world much of your well written article would apply,me I cannot
express anywhere near as well,so I tend to beleive in merely "calling a spade a shovel"
Now you have a long list of instuctions for Mr Average,who in real terms will not respond
until he is directly affected. There have been 2 voting opportunities recently one on a site and the latest current http:// The sites were named
"BAN BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION".In the first voting round our group managed around
2600 votes thanks mainly to a site that came 1st "LEGALISE MARIJUANA" who supported our site
their site clocked nearly 20,000 votes, they had unity of purpose,they were aggressive and there was
much action on their site and THEY WON.
I beleive many of the Animal Welfare sites and blogs are trying to emulate HSUS and PETA and they
will not succeed as long as each one is trying to fight their own little causes.Nelson Mandela
fought and beat Apartheid in South Africa not by little splinter groups but by first joining all the
people and groups under one banner the ANC,this fight against a very similiar type of law BSL is
no different.
But when you cannot get people to go and "CLICK" "BAN BSL" you have very little hope of them following
your, to say the least "LONG WINDED INSTRUCTIONS"
Selwyn Marock

I appear in the waffling mode,so will keep writing while the mood exists
Two items come to mind in the week that has just passed apart from our
Animal welfare lack of support in their ability to click one button which states "BAN BSL"
Fortunately on this site the TV station had a video clip, it showed the three pitbulls strategically placed
in the garden of the home,heavily chained and it appeared the chains were soldered on and that these
poor animals were placed permanently as guard dogs,an inexpensive burglar alarm. The parents of the child
had left this girl alone at home with 3 totally unsocialised dogs.
I wrote to the county commisioners of Thomas County and suggested the following
1)The parents should be Criminally charged with Culpable Homicide.
2)Child Abuse and Animal abuse.Criminal negligence.
Further that the Sheriff should get off his butt and open the necessary criminal charges
and investigation,incidentally the father of the girl supported the sheriff s request for the ban on pits,
it was for the obvious reason of avoidance of culpability,I have no doubt that this same criminal
will then go out and buy 3 more animals to abuse and create his "BURGLAR ALARM"
Now I do not know how much weight my letter to the county commisioners will carry,
very little I am sure,but if the Animal Welfare Groups of USA and Canada wrote similiar
letters and lets say 500 of them,I have no doubt there would be a reaction and the chances
of BSL there would be somewhat diminished and more importantly the good character of the
pitbull would be less compromised.
In a little Town called Tea,the county commissioners were vigourously debating bringing in BSL.
One councillor a fellow Otten made the following statement " I am convinced that dogs that are
spayed and neutered are less aggressive" My response was as follows ,Try the spay and neutering on your
wife and kids and see if it makes them less aggresive.,then you will be able to assess factually.
In their next response the following facts emerged.
Their had not been an incident of dog attack in the town for 25 years,the only incident was by a woman
who stated "I nearly got bitten by a pitbull ,I had to run into my garage to hide"
The ex police chief of Tea stated,in his time as chief there were pitbulls around the town but
they never did any harm.
Good Luck

I know, Selwyn, waking people up is the hard part.
And yeah, John does long-winded even better than I do! I just wanted to put the info out there because its excellent advice to those who want to actually stop whining and do something.
We all know that BSL is based on fairy tales and outright lies. My biggest question was always Why? Why would anyone want to do this to people and their pets?
The answer is pretty clear. The love of money is the root of all evil
Too true.
And then theres the little problem of two-faced fanatics who say one thing to a gullible public and are working towards something quite different.
If the liberation crew were at least honest and upfront about their agenda, I wouldnt have such a problem with them. Obviously, Id still oppose that agenda but at least the ground would be level.
I think our biggest problem is that it is difficult to fight the irrational by being reasonable. Nobody wants to get very radical though, probably because they are upstanding citizens who think that being factual and rational will carry the day.
Hows that working for you so far, folks?
And I fully agree that everybody should swallow their pride (theres a lot of that in the dog world), join forces, figure out the top priorities and work out a battle plan.
This is a war, make no mistake about that.

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