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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Dec 25, 2008


Merry Christmas!

Thank you Girlfriend, I love being a determined but radical defender of pets. Rabble-rousing does have its points. Every now and again.

LOL, Selma, I hope you are not too eggnogged-out to have another one! Cheers to you and yours from me and mine!

No eggnog for me - yet. Ill be making it on Saturday for my guests.
I use the recipe from the Joy of Cooking - its killer!

Same here. What a classic!

"Ill see you in Hell" immediately followed by "Merry Xmas". See, thats why I love your blog.

Yeah, I was thinking this morning it was a little harsh.
Maybe Ill change it to Bite Me lol

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to you Caveat and thank you for your kind words. Right back at you. Yes, indeed, less of this bad, rights-negating animal legislation. That is my hope and prayer for the new year as well. Best wishes to you and yours for the same.

To you and yours and all those you care about, have the greatest Christmas ever, Selma.

Back at ya Caveat. Thanks for the kudos and have a great one.

Right back atcha, Caveat! and best wishes for the coming year--
Im predicting plenty of cannon fodder -- oops, make that "ill-considered public policy which does not reflect the values of the community it purports to serve" -- for bloggers and blog-readers alike in 2009. Heh just call me Karnak the Magnificent.
Blue Dog State

Ditto from us to you.
2009 will be a year of good fights for all of us. Lets hope that the SI cover really is the turning of the tide.
Either that, or we form a convey and get the hell out of this God forsaken province and head someplace more civilized. Now, if only we knew where that might be...
My good fight is next week, when I have to stand in front of the board of the shelter Im in the running to direct (complete with the $40K pay cut taking this job will cost me), and convince them that just because Im a dog breeder doesnt mean that Im the devil. Sigh... Hey, how far are you from Georgetown? lol...

Not that far, Carol. Need some moral support?

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Heres also a New Years toast to all that are mentioned here and all those who are not but fight the battle for justice and equality each and every day by writing letters, talking to people, educating politians, press and everyone they can get to listen and in spite of the discrimination take their well socializated MUZZLED pets outs for walks in their neighbourhoods and hold their heads up high while doing it. Three Cheers for those that will not give up, let up or shut up. To those that do it nicely and for those who do not I lift you up during this coming year. All the VERY BEST in 2009 and lets kick some serious BSL butt.

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