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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Oct 24, 2008


Exactly. I have lost my faith in the courts, and now know that I have no protection from being legislated into second-class citizenship and having my property seized on pretext.
This definitely aint over.

As things fall apart, and the center no longer holds, were seeing the destruction of the most basic of civil rights at this point -- due process, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, equal protection -- in the guise of "animal law."
And yup, Caveat. This so aint over.
Blue Dog State

This is not over, it has just begun.
Sadly, this is as state of affairs that is very serious . Indeed, these Judges showed themselves for exactly who they are, just employees who want to keep their jobs, and hopefully have a career ahead of them. Their self inflating egos never meant to be fair and just,
Wars always start, (political or physical) when one loses their personal rights and freedoms. With all this control over our lives, what kind of milk we can drink, what kind of dogs we can own, and the courts not defending our rights & freedom.I am amazed that the Government of Ontario is not showing up at our doors to change our diapers. Or is that next?.

Justice (cough) E. A. Cronk said during the appeal on the ban, and I quote, "The Law Does Not Have To Be Wise". Well not only did she prove that point but she also showed that the justice System is fulled with Neposim. They have found a way around The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to do it.
In the Judgement of the appeal it said, "it is not required to have conclusive evidence before it enacts legislation".
I personally believe that if legislation is to be "enacted" there SHOULD be conclusive evidence to do so. Maybe what needs to change is requirements of politicans to enact legislaton. As if the law does not have to be wise mabe legislation should be.
What a travesty of justice.

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