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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 29, 2008


[quote] ...howly-barking, flying ears, the whole schtick.[/quote]
That sounds pretty close to "ticking time bomb" material if you ask me.
I want the Ontario Fibs to keep a close eye on that one.
Normal dog behaviour can lead and we don`t want that in Ontario.

I wish all the best to Rambo & his owner. I am a foster Mom & have helped save 11 puppies of which most have been classed as pit bulls, whether they were or not by the way. I wouldnt trade a second with any of them as they are the most endearing dog I have ever encountered. It is so true what they say, the breed is being condemend due to the people who insist on raising the dogs as weapons of sorts, mistreating them & making them mean. I have raised my pups with love & treated them as the family members they all became & they are the most loving breed I have ever encountered. Many innocent dogs & puppies have been put down because of the ban in Ontario on certain breeds, many senseless deaths happen every day & its wrong. The Ontario government should be concentrating their efforts on the breeders who they still allow to breed these dogs, the puppy mills & back yard breeders who dont give a darn after that puppy is sold to the new uneducated, unsuspecting owner & they have their blood money in their hands. Why are there still puppys being born & sold?
Go Rambo GO!!!!!!

Im waiting on edge for an update on the Rambo case...anyone know what is going on?

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