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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 14, 2008


I have just read the solution to the "Pit Bull" problem.
There really isn`t a problem but here`s the solution.
I read it on a forum where the poster called me a "Pit Bull" Lobbyist.
It must be true.
Everything on Forums is true.
Here goes
They are wreaking havoc because of their names.

What do you expect?
They`re bound to be bada$$es!
This person believes that dogs named Nancy or Flowers wouldn`t bite,attack or suddenly flip out.
Problem solved.
So rename your dogs and tell the politicians to get back to real business.
What did politicians used to do?
I forget.
Please visit this video and leave a comment.
This family is donating 10 cents per comment to the Ontario Legal Fund.
Yes it`s a violin recital.
You are not at the wrong video.

I want to be sure to note that that ban didnt go into affect until January 31, 2006. So the 2005 numbers are actually BEFORE the ban. Whats most disturbing is that they actually reversed what was a downward trend by instituting the ban...
Thanks for the link BTW

Hello and thank you, nice work. the only thing people have are the expert opinions of what we DO have. Denver never had hard evidence of anything except 1) a plastic surgeon and 2) a minister w/2 broken legs caused by the other person w/the 2 x 4. Bones can be crushed a lot easier by swinging a 2 x 4 than a dog just happening to allegedly break both leg bones? The 2 x 4 swinger was not at the trial. and that idiot borcheldt or whatever its called is not a certified behaviorist, they proved that already (Tellings case) that he lied about having a "certification"--hes a book writer with absolutely NO hands on experience whatsoever with APBTs. KKK did a big disservice to the community by using plastic surgeon, a lying book writer, and a guy w/2 broken legs. And thats why he HATES ACF--they have exposed him for what he is. A fraud.( Most people have not read the transcript from the dog fanciers trial. )
KKK couldnt even prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Margolius dog was an APBT, even using AC witness with 27yr as animal control, and over 500 admin hearings of IDg "pitbull" dogs as a witness. Some expert. And lets not forget that the CO supreme ct. only affirmed the trial courts findings of law--NOT evidence. And the trial courts "evidence" was crap--so I blame Plaintiffs counsel for failing to properly dispute it on the record, and for failing to have experts that would easily take out the citys so-called "experts" When was the last time anyone used a plastic surgeon to prove a dog case of constitutional law?
Thats only used when someone is trying to get medical+ damages and money in an action for liability, personal injury ) And when is a plastic surgeon an "expert" re dogs and dog bites in constitutional law issues? OH I see, its when I need to PROVE that a plastic surgeon is the expert that can testify about dog bites even though he has NO knowledge about the dog, if it actually BIT the person, or anything else, and no expertise as to dog bites except to AFTER a person is attacked. How easy would that have been to discredit?
That was not the issue in the constitutional case. KKK is worried bec hes afraid his wonderful law may be impacted with all the stuff going on. and on that basis, he might be partly right. Just who do we think told D. Kelly that all of a sudden we dont kill dogs in Denver anymore?????????? Maybe that plastic surgeon. snicker snicker:)
Probably taking $$ from the big animal in the sky group run by one of 2 people. DUH? He has given the appearance of impropriety and if the idiot was elsewhere, and not in that land of the dummy dumb dumbs, he would have been disbarred by now.

I agree that K should have been dismissed quite awhile ago. Hes definitely got some issues and they have nothing to do with public policy.
I saw a comment quite awhile ago from one of his neighbours. Apparently, his GSD is not the friendliest dog on the block, if reports are accurate.
Whats with these GSD people? Theyre the lead biter here in Canada according to health reports - the only accurate way to assess the dog bite non-problem.

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