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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 22, 2008


Good article.
Maybe nows the time for a trip down memory lane. The THS debacle aside, I had one disturbing encounter with Toronto Animal Services, personally.
When I adopted my (now nine-year-old) Dane, it was a lucky coincidence that the city of Toronto had recently implemented "lifetime licences" for cats and dogs that were spayed/neutered AND microchipped (2000). I readily took advantage of that incentive (for both my dog and cat, at the time), happy in the knowledge I would never have to license either of them in the city of Toronto, for the rest of their natural lives.
Sadly, six months later, I learned the city had abandoned that incentive, and gone back to the yearly licensing of all dogs and cats.
One of my contacts at THS suggested that my dog and cat were now no longer legally licensed. And, of course, I just cant have that. So, I looked up the new by-law, and there it was in black and white:
"349-12. Exceptions: (Dogs)
B. Section 349-10A (the yearly licensing requirement) does not apply to any owner of a dog that has a lifetime licence issued for the dog by the former City of North York, Scarborough or Toronto."
- and -
"349-18. Registration; tags: (cats)
Every owner of a cat shall:
A. Register the cat with the Medical Officer of Health and pay a tag and registration fee in the amount specified in Chapter 441, Fees and Charges, except that no fees are payable where a cat has a lifetime identification tag issued by the former City of Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough or York or the former Borough of East York."
...Case closed, one would think.
But, just to be on the safe side, I called Toronto Animal Services. There, I was told that, indeed, my dog and cat were no longer in compliance with the law, and I needed to obtain new tags for both.
I immediately contacted city hall, and asked a clerk to clarify the situation. The clerk agreed with me, so I went back to Toronto Animal Services, and asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor then went on to "explain" that my interpretation of the by-law was incorrect, and that I had to buy a new license or I could be fined for failing to license my pets.
Since this was over the phone, I decided to fax a letter, with a copy of the by-law, to both the city clerks office, as well as Toronto Animal Services, including the information I was told by an employee and a supervisor.
Heres the thing. If Id just gone along with the Toronto Animal Services, not only would I no longer have my lifetime licenses, but I wouldnt be able to get them back (if, for example, I petitioned the office and won). Even if I was subsequently proved correct, Id have had to license my pets every year, in addition to the higher licensing fee I paid for those now-tantalizing lifetime licenses.
Its all moot, since my primary residence is no longer in Toronto, anyway. But these are the kinds of people were dealing with at Toronto Animal Services. I think they knew, all along, that buying a new tag would make my lifetime licenses wholly defunct, so Id never be able to go back to using them. What a cheap, low-down way to make a buck.

That story is awful. They dont feel like making things clear, changing their laws, etc so the dog owner is supposed to pick up the slack? Seems to me that a lifetime licence should be just that.
Ive always bought licences but lets face it, since around 90% of people dont bother, that makes me an oddball - you too.

bureaucracy run amuk. this disgusts me to no end. It is bad enough these "people" are demanding licenses for cats, one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, but to just randomly change laws and go back on their word to grab more cash from people is appalling.

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