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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 24, 2008


Do I detect just a hint of sarcasm here?
And all I got from his comments was that he was insulting Boxers and Collies.
I`m off to google for that Veterinary degree for 3 easy payments of $19.99 US.
You may have to call me Dr. Mac Barks Back

ha ha ha ha ha (wiping tears away) Thanks! That was hilarious!

the domestication part of this dog.... is being.... bred out of it.
i think my brain just rolled over on its back and cried uncle. seriously. or maybe its just crying.

Too funny! Did you pull that from Frank or some other humour mag??? If that guy is for real, I want some of the drugs hes on.
Problem is, morons of a feather flock together...and squawk...and squawk...and squawk....

Oh he`s real.
Please visit and give him a rating!
Check the comments about his few moments of fame on kltv
I`ll bet he`s going to wish he had said "No Comment"
Must show you guys how to put in links :>)
Nice hunting job there, put up a small review myself he he he

What do you mean put in links?
Go easy on me,I`m still recovering from being rebuffed by Hazel!

Okay, so I added my 2ยข. Heres the thing...I noticed that even though everyone who voted gave the guy just one star, the overall review is 1.5 stars. Then, if you go to the main category, there he is, with a five star rating. Is it just a matter of updaing? Did anyone give this guy a five star rating??? Did I miss something?

Marjorie, Where is the 5-star rating? I cant see it to figure out if I can fix it.
The 1.5 star thing annoyed me too. I imagine Spence gave himself 5 stars but I cant find the right page.

Found it. Theres ONE 5-star review, likely by Spence or White (who may be OK).
Have to get more honest ones to bring that average down.

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