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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Jan 23, 2008


I dont even know where to begin. (giggling)
Seriously... Saskatchewan has a dangerous dog law. So, let me get this right. The next time some man cuts me off in traffic, I should call for a ban on male drivers? Or should I limit that to the race of the man who cut me off? What about a ban on the kind of car he was driving? (Just askin.)
What is WITH everyone trying to pass a new law after every, single incident???
I think someone should simply send a copy of Judge Hermans ruling to the appropriate authorities in Saskatchewan, before they start "thinkin" a breed ban will be a cake walk. I mean, we can try to educate them about the absurdity of the plan to prevent dog bites by banning one or more dog breeds, but we all know how effective thats likely to be. Why not just cut to the chase and show them that a judge will likely eviscerate any BS legislation they do write?
The best part? If a ban on Rottweilers were passed tomorrow, it would likely never encompass the dog responsible for inspiring it. Ill bet this dogs parents are not known, and that it was "sold" to this owner as a Rottweiler/Collie cross, because both of those come in black and tan, but this dog has a small head and longer fur than a Rottie. It could just as easily be a Manchester Terrier/Akita cross, or Husky/Doberman, and on and on. Note that Ive used capitals, even though there isnt much likelihood that any individual in this dogs immediate ancestry were "purebred" anything. (The Dangerous Dogs Control - Northern Saskatchewan) (Saskatoon animal control by-laws)

[quote]"What are you smoking, Mark?"[/quote]
and the follow up question
Does he inhale?
Caveat you may be on to something here.
I want mandatory drug testing for all politicians and reporters before they`re allowed to open their yaps and/or propose legislation.

Good idea, Mac but Id go further.
I want mandatory IQ and literacy testing for all candidates and unelected bureaucrats as well.
Can you read? More importantly, can you comprehend, extrapolate and use logic?

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