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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Oct 12, 2007


I agree, it sure is a sad state of affairs.
People just dont care.

I wonder if all you Psychics that knew how it was going to turn out,
("that`s why I didn`t bother voting")
could take over my stock portfolio and make me 10 million so I can get the hell out of this province and maybe this country!

I worked on the election at the polls and was dismayed over the lack of YOUNG PEOPLE that came out to vote. I saw the ones in the walkers, wheelchairs, canes but I didnt see the young people out voting. It will be their fault when in the future their rights are even more eroded. They will be able to own dogs, but only ones that will be no bigger than cats. They dont seem to get it that we had to fight for this country, our rights and we STILL DO. Ontarios dog holicost, the loss of basic fundmental rights and the fact that they dont dig deep to educate themselves beyond 10 second media bites is shamefull and when WE are gone, WE the ones that LOOK into what is really happening, ask the tough questions and do real research into matters, THEY will deserve what happens to Ontario with their IF it dosent directly ME, it cant matter attitute. The SAD thing is that THEY THINK it dosent affect them and THEY couldnt be more wrong.

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