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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban

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Aug 29, 2007


For 2 years now our poor animals have been muzzled just because McStupid and Bryant wanted to LOOK like they were doing something. HE had a chance to do something good that would make a real difference, stand the test of time and garner real respect. HE didnt care about what was RIGHT, he only wanted to LOOK good. Similiar to his handling of the the Steven Truscott case. How come HE didnt see that the evidence to convict was not there? The SUPREME COURT Did! No, he had to cost everyone even more money and allow it to go to the Supreme Court. NOT unlike the Pit Bull Ban. Bryant is a jerk and NEEDS to go. When someone dosent care about doing the right thing then what else is he capable of? Bryant is a very SCARY guy.

The ONTARIO FIBERALS are certainly a BREED APART and we say it`s time to euthanize them on Oct 10th for the good of the province.
At least some of them have had the chance to procreate in the last 2 years.The unpopular breed will go on.

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