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Aug 29, 2007


England has pretty stringent handgun laws. That didnt stop a young boy from being shot to death, recently.
Ephraim Brown was likely killed by a stolen gun, or one smuggled from the U.S. At the time of this incident, Mayor David Miller called on the U.S. to toughen THEIR gun laws, clearly demonstrating an understanding that legally-acquired handguns are not the biggest problem in Toronto.
Even so, after one of the shooters (Eubank) was involved in a previous fatal shooting, the weapons charges against him were dropped. So whats really the problem? Legally-owned handgun owners, or CRIMINALS or A JUSTICE SYSTEM that has no will to hand down the maximum penalties for crimes involving guns?
Four years ago, Ephraim Browns uncle (obviously a different one) was shot to death in Scarborough. Thats a lot of tragedy for one family. But, again, I havent heard any indication he was shot with a legally-acquired handgun.
Lets compare apples and oranges, shall we? If the problem is not lawful owners going berserk and using their legal handguns to commit crimes, but there is proven to be a problem with stolen (legal) handguns, then lets deal with why that is happening, and prevent it. If people are being shot by illegally smuggled handguns from abroad, then lets deal with that.
Oh yeah...were dealing with filthy liars like Bryant and Miller and McGuinty.
Whats next? Banning cars because some people drive drunk? You know what the sycophants say..."If it will save the life of just one child..." (Nah...thatd be silly. We dont punish the vast majority of the public for relatively uncommon events committed by a few negligent or criminal people. Wait...yes we do! Just ask an Ontario dog owner!)
One political assistant once sent me news clippings as his "proof" that handguns stolen from lawful Canadian handgun owners were routinely being used in crimes. (Really...take a moment to laugh out loud at this fool.) His main "proof" was a newspaper claim a couple of thousand guns are reported stolen each year. Explaining to him that I know a bit about how the media operates, I pointed out how telling it was they mentioned "stolen guns" and not "stolen handguns". The PA replied that he couldnt believe a reporter would intentionally confuse the two, and the natural implication is the figure denotes stolen handguns, even if it isnt clearly specified. I immediately sold him the Bloor St. bridge. ...Made out like a bandit! ;-)

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