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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Aug 30, 2007


How are you going to feel, Caveat, when, in the future, the police threaten to take someones car because of outstanding parking violations; someones home because he/she keeps a dog they dont like the look of there; or someones children because he/she publicly opposed a governmental decision?
Youll be saying, Ive warned you about this for years. You thought I was exaggerating. Now you know the erosion of civil liberties rarely happens in one fell swoop. Its incremental. This law allows that, which leads to that, which leads to a police state.
The street racing seizure thing was possibly the best example. If someone, somewhere, decides your car "looks" like its been modified for street racing (this from a completely law-abiding woman whos "into" sports cars, serious sound systems, and the biggest rims I can fit on any vehicle), they can "seize" your car. The more accurate word is "steal", but the legislators dont like how it sounds.
If the mere appearance of an otherwise street-legal vehicle is grounds enough for the government to take it, then this might be the tipping point.
The politicians are at least a little more honest, in that theyre clearly positioning themselves to be above the they will never face the injustices they promote.
Theres a reason why honest, upstanding people dont become lawyers or go into politics. To be successful in those "professions" you have to lie, and do some very unsavoury things if you want to keep your job. Honest people would be kicked out in the face of the first whipped vote.

Yes, the infamous Bill 203, passed May 29 right before McGuinty closed the House early so he could avoid hard questions about corruption, mismanagement of public money and other unpleasant matters.
Under that law, as with most of these laws, they dont have to actually catch you. They dont have to prove anything. If you might possibly use your car for illegal activity in future it can be forfeited to the State and destroyed or sold. Guess where the money goes? To the MAG. If a police officer believes that you may have used your car for illegal activity in the past it can be seized, on the spot and theres nothing you can do about it - no appeal, no hearing. You dont even have to be driving it.
Maybe the naive think this is a great way to catch criminals but theres one small point theyve overlooked - in order to brand someone a criminal you have to have evidence enough to charge them AND convict them.
Scary days in Ontario. Own a flashy car and you can be steamrolled by the State, have your property seized. Appear to be living beyond your means and your assets are frozen so you cant even pay a lawyer and theres SFA you can do about it. Be suspected of drug dealing, gun running, living off the avails, whatever - same deal. Own a rare, showy kind of dog and guess what? You dont have half the rights of the guy next door with a GSD - except youre both exposed to warrantless entry on a pretext.
Yes, Marjorie, a police state creeps up on you. Its not all peace, love and groovy one day and a totalitarian nightmare the next.
It couldnt happen here? Look around. Its happening. While people watch TV and shop at Walmart for thingamajigs.
How will I feel? The way I feel now, like Im living in a bloody bad dream.
Dude, wheres my country? I want it back.

"If the mere appearance of an otherwise street-legal vehicle is grounds enough for the government to take it, then this might be the tipping point. "
Well, yeah, thats exactly what happened with dogs. It was obvious they wanted to set a precedent for presumption of guilt based on appearance and seizure of property in the absence of wrongdoing, as well as generate a climate of fear so people would keep their heads down.
You have to be able to generalize to see it. If you get your info from media stories, a large proportion of which are nothing but opinion disguised as fact, you wont be able to do that.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again.
Bryant is dangerous. He sees nothing wrong in stripping rights from people, seizing property without any proof of wrongdoing, then spin doctoring it in the media.
He cannot stay in a position of authority.
When will the great unwashed mass wake up to the fact that their rights are being whittled away, one by one?

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

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