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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Aug 23, 2006


You may have cried wolf too often. I forwarded it to over 600 dog people throughout the world. Thank you, it is not funny. Will you send them an apology? Am trying to raise funds for the legislation in the state of New Mexico - now my integrity is shot.

Hows this?
Dear Dog Person #___ of 600
I am writing to ask you to forgive a commenter on my blog for his haste in forwarding a link to an unverified post on a private web journal to over 600 people worldwide without hitting the link to CVT news, which explained it was a gotcha attempt to give people a little jolt. The veracity of the commenters statement has not been confirmed.
He is worried that his credibility is now shot because of one email he sent out. We call this the making a mountain out of a molehill syndrome. He cant write this himself because he has entered a lower phase in his mood cycle, so asked me to do it.
If his credibility was shot by sending out this desperate plea by an unknown private person who is trying to alert the complacent, apathetic dog owners in Ontario and elsewhere to the threat of BSL, thats a shame.
The post was NOT meant to be funny, something he still doesnt get. It was a battle cry intended to kickstart sleeping dog owners into action. This is war, alls fair and sometimes there is a bit of collateral damage, such as we see here.
Since this person feels his fundraising efforts will now fail, please send any donations you planned to give to him to Banned Aid instead. The money will be well spent as we are only a few tens of thousands from our goal which will pay the bill for the Ontario constitutional challenge. Whatever you can spare will be appreciated and acknowledged.
You will find a link to Banned Aid on my right sidebar. Plese just hit the donate button to pay online or send a cheque to the postal address shown.
Thank you very much in advance for your support.
The Publisher

You should not be taking shots at Labrador owners! They had nothing to do with the pit bull law. In fact we as labrador breeders tried to help take a stand against this law and talking to our MPP. Not only us but other breeders as well. I am sure dog lovers of all sorts have tried to help also.
Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right to cause this kind of grief. I wasted half my day tring to get to the bottom of this, also mailing everyone on my list.
I think your the one who needs the wake up call. Direct your anger to the appropriate people, not the ones who are trying to help or innocent bystanders.

If you sent a story like this to 600 people so that they could start freaking out without even bothering to click on the referring link, then Id say you deserve to lack credibility - its earned by taking basic steps to make sure the stuff youre passing on is legit.
The only irresponsible part of this story is the fact that you passed it on without a referring link so that people could figure out on their own that it wasnt real.
Take some responsibility for your actions, for heavens sake - youre not a child.

Its not a shot at lab owners. The simple fact was that there was less of a public outcry to the pit bull ban than there should have been simply because pit bulls are not a very popular breed to begin with, and if you were someone who was in favour of or apathetic about the pit bull ban and would now be against the lab ban it exposes a degree of hypocrisy and should be a wake up call to people - you need to stand up for the freedoms of other people even if that particular freedom doesnt affect you. Not only that, but the fact that anyone believed that the government might ban labs should be a wake-up call to Ontario voters.
Dont get all bent out of shape just because you didnt click the referring link on a story before you got all upset.

Maybe theres a reason why Pit bulls arent a very popular breed, and maybe theres a reason why Labs have been the most popular breed for close to ten years running. Dont get me wrong, this isnt a shot at Pit bulls or Pit bull owners. Its a shot at irresponsible dog owners. Any dog a can be dangerous, even Labs. ( I am a Lab owner ) I believe anyone who wants to own a dog should be required to take a course to learn how to handle a dog properly.

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