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Petition to Repeal the Ontario Breed Ban


Feb 25, 2006


I disagree... I think that there is a definite need for comment here.
Why on earth are there so many parents neglecting to dog proof their kids? You teach them stranger safety, road safety, bicycle safety, but yet forget about dog safety? Come on!
If you dont feel that your child is dog proofed enough to NEVER jump on a dog, then why is your child near a dog? I have two very young children and two pit bulls, and this sort of garbage would not be tolerated in my house.
The way I see it, is that my kids are expected to be respectful and polite to everyone they meet. I do not allow them to jump on, bite, hit, slap or pull each others ears. I also do not allow them to do this type of inapropriate behaviour to our dogs. I am not saying that my kids dont sometimes try. Just tonight, my 5 year old thought it was a good idea to straddle the dog like a horse. The difference here is that I was right there, watching and able to stop her. I truly dont believe that the dog would have been bothered much by it, but it was still inapropriate and she needs to realize that they are not toys.
Lets wake up here people! How many adults do you know that cant figure out what to do with a dog? And yet we are allowing kids to run around with dogs like its some kind of Disney movie! Remeber, on all of the sets of those movies and commercials with little kids and puppies, there are PROFESSIONAL dog handlers and trainers... and lots of yummy treats. Dogs are dogs, lets do them a favour and remember it!

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